Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween with my Toddler....

I have had three Halloween trick or treat experience with Caled and through the years, here's what I learned:

  • If the venue is not fully air conditioned, avoid costumes with too much padding - Caled's first trick or treat experience happened when he was five months old.  We were so excited about it and my brother bought Caled a spider costume, it was sooooo cute!  When it was time to do trick or treat, Caled was fidgety and would not want to wear the costume.  Reason?  He felt hot, and the venue was my old office, there was airconditioning but not enough to ease a five month old wearing a padded spider costume.  We ended up changing him back to his dalmatian print onesie and he wore his favorite puppy hat.  
  • Make sure the child had enough sleep, not hungry or uncomfortable - The following year, when Caled was one year old.  He was able to enjoy trick or treating more.  The trick or treat was supposed to happen in the afternoon so I made sure Caled had enough nap time.  I also brought light snack, milk and a small toy in case he gets bored.  Given Caled's age at that time, he was able to enjoy trick or treating.  He even won best in costume :)  He was behaved the entire time as he is comfortable in his costume.  It doesn't have a lot of padding and no mask as well.

  • Comfort comes's your child's party, not yours - the main rule is to ensure your child is very comfortable.  I noticed that kids usually throw a fit when they feel constrained.  This means masks, padded outfits, too tight costumes and itchy costumes.  For younger kids, it is not advisable to have them wear masks, the result would be the kid trying to tear out the costume and you the parent, putting it back on....the kid normally wins by throwing a tantrum or going into a crying marathon.  Another thing would be lace or tools - little girls look adorable wearing ballerina tutus, check on the lace and the tool.  Please take note, for small girls, they will be wearing their diapers and then the tights and then the many layers would that be, don't be surprised if you will see your little girl scratching the entire time trick or treat is happening and yes....there would be crying and tantrums too when you ask her to stop.

  • Choose lightweight materials - it would be better if it is something you can put over a regular tshirt.  This picture of Caled was taken during his cousin's first birthday.  It was a costume party and the material for Caled's prince costume was sheer and light.  It came with a cape but Caled only wore it for some time just enough to take a few pictures :) he had fun jumping around and dancing and yes, he laughed a lot too.  He's still call himself Prince Caled every now and then, proof that he loved wearing the costume.

This was during Caled's Halloween Party last week.  It was for his school.  It's easier now because Caled knows about Halloween and it was also taught in school.  He was excited to attend and we chose a costume that let's him move around.  He was wearing comfortable shoes and I was not adjusting his costume every now and then even if he was sitting on the floor.  It's like wearing pajamas!

If there's a need to find matching costume for you and your child, choose your kid's costume first, make sure he tries it on.  It would even be better if you let him move around wearing the costume.  If, you're in the mall and he doesn't like to remove the costume, much for it and let him wear it.  This will make him comfortable in the costume and it will also build excitement the next time he needs to wear the costume.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Three Years of Pure Joy :)

Caled turned three years old last May seems only yesterday when he celebrated his first birthday and I remember sharing pictures in this blog.  He's three now and he's about to start with Toddler school this June.  Time is flying fast but one thing that does not change would be the happiness that Caled is bringing to our lives.

Thank you Caled for being a good boy.  Mama is so proud of you, we love you very much.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Caled at 2 and a half years old....

I know that it is normal for each mother to brag about their child.  For us Moms, there's not kid more cute, more adorable and more behaved than our own child.  It comes into play when you're a's a given...

Caled is not two and a half years old.  He's the center of attention in our family.  He can charm his Lola (grandmother) into just about everything.  He can melt his Tatay Ryann (my brother) with a smile and he can wiggle his way out of a punishment from his Tita Honeylet (my sister) by merely giggling at her or giving her puppy dog looks.... 

Don't get me wrong, Caled is not spoiled...really, he's not.  He knows when he has done something wrong and he knows if he deserves to be punished - normally he would take it on himself to 'stand at the corner' without us telling him to.

I am just amazed at how he can make people smile.  When we're out in the mall, he would smile at people and say hi to them.  He also has a way with ladies....he likes it when he get's their attention.

I am ever grateful for Caled, how he's growing to be a good and well behaved child.  The other night, before sleeping, he touched my face and said "Mama" insistently...apparently, we forgot to pray and it was his way of scolding me.  So, with tears in my eyes, we thanking God for the blessing of Caled and Caled babbling away with his stories for Papa God and Mama Mary.

I am forever grateful Lord....Thank YOU :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This is Caled now....Terrific 2's!

I am a Mother....

There’s a higher post that opened in the place where I work. I have been pondering on applying for that post. The old Cathy would not think twice, I would have updated my resume and submitted it on the first day the vacancy was announced…that was the old Cathy…the Cathy before Caled.

 I know getting that position would make it easier for me to handle some of the financial challenges that I’ve been having. At the same time, it would mean that I will be able to go back to shoe-shopping on a regular basis (yes, I know it’s shallow…but, there is something about shoes). A promotion is something that would definitely make our lives easier but again…Caled.

I am a mother to a two year old toddler. While some would say that this is the time of the terrible two’s - I fondly call this time, the “terrific two’s” Caled comes up with different stuff everyday. He always has a welcoming smile for me when I get home. The work that I have right now allows me to give him his morning bath, feed him breakfast, play with him, watch Monster’s Inc., read books and sing with him. It allows me time to watch him grow and learn new things and become the happy child that he is.

I get to see a miracle, I get to believe in magic and I get to experience it everyday. How in the world would I give that up?

I will be able to find ways to resolve my financial challenges, I will be able to address issues as they come. Time lost with Caled, I can never gain back…I am a mother above all else. Hearing Caled call me Mama over and over, hearing his giggles, singing with him…these moments are priceless…how can I trade it for a higher position at work? I work so I can provide for my son, but if I work too hard and miss precious moments with Caled…all the hardwork will be worthless. It would mean nothing.

I am a mother above all else…that’s how it is…that’s how its going to be…I know I already have the best post in the world. I already hold the greatest title - Caled’s Mom….Mommy ni Caled :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

He's Growing Handsome by the Day....

Whenever I look at Caled, I cannot believe how fast he is growing and how handsome he gets by the day.  I am more thankful because Caled is growing with a very good disposition, he's a happy, healthy, sweet child...

Thank you as ever Papa God and Mama Mary....

We love you so much Caled...I know I say it always...but when it comes to loving you my dear son, I don't think I will ever get tired from it :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Mom's Back for Good....

After 14 years of not seeing her as she has been in Dubai....she's back!
After 31 years of working abroad....she's back!

Fine timing for Caled to get to know his grandmother and for us to be reunited with Mom.

Thank you as ever Papa God and Mama Mary....Thank YOU :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

21 Months and Counting :)

The little boy is not so little anymore.  He's now one year and 9 months :)

There has been a lot of changes on how things are with me ever since I had Caled.  I would still have time to go out with friends every once in a while but I find myself more excited about being at home.  Even if at times, I would be in the bedroom and Caled would be downstairs playing, the sound of his giggles would be enough to bring me that feeling of being contented and happy at home.  At that particular moment, everything is just perfect.

Happy 21st month Caled.  We love you so much....Mama is always so proud of you, you are such a happy little boy. 

Thank you Papa God and Mama Mary for always making Caled healthy and happy :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

More Mommying than Blogging :)

I have not been able to do a lot of blogging recently.  It is due to the fact that I have been doing a lot of mommying :)

Caled is growing so fast, everyday, he will come up with a new trick and if I don't pay attention, I normally would miss it.  

The little boy is now one year, eight months and 23 days old.  This morning, I measured him and realized that he grew half an inch within the past month!

Its not only physically that Caled is growing fast...he is also a fast learner and his memory - geez!  It's so sharp.  The other day, I took Caled to have his haircut and while we were entering the shop, Caled started crying, he knows that he's going to have his encounter with the razor again and he hates the sound of the razor.  Even when he was getting a haircut, the little one won't stop crying.  I was holding him the whole time so I ended up with a lot of cut hair in me as well.  It's the same when Caled goes to his Pediatrician, he starts getting fidgety and the moment he sees his Pedia, he starts crying as well.  He knows that his Pedia is the one who normally gives her shots.  

One thing that has not changed would be Caled's disposition, he's a happy baby.  He would always have a ready smile and he's sooooooo sweet to the people he loves.  He likes being hugged and he loves giving hugs as well.

As much as I would like to document everything that is happening with Caled, I would rather observe it and experience it.  If there are times when I can write it, then I write it...but the moment is so much better savored with Caled, right there and then....if ever I remember to write it, you'll see it here, if's OK, its saved in my memory bank anyways.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas :)

This is Caled's second Christmas.  Last year, he was just awake for a while and then he went off to dreamland and the rest of us had our Noche Buena and continued with the Christmas Eve activities.  This year, it's different.  This Christmas Eve, we all went to mass - Caled, my siblings, my aunt, my cousins and a few friends.  I was expecting for Caled to have a tantrum since we had to wake him up to attend mass but my little boy was in high spirits...he was even singing for the most part of the mass.  

Caled is very sociable, he would smile at people and he's very comfortable to be with our friends, well, my cousins would normally take some time before Caled would go with them :)  During the mass, Caled was humming his favorite tune, he loved being held by my siblings and my friends...towards the end of the mass, we were able to go near the Priest and touch the image of Baby Jesus.

Once we reached home, Caled was able to open his presents...he's still very young to get all excited about presents.  He needed a LOT of help tearing the Christmas wrapping but once he saw the toys, he would get all excited about it.

This is Caled's second Christmas, I am sure each Christmas would be different for is so wonderful to see Christmas through Caled's eyes....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Being a Child Again...

Yesterday, I came home from work after having almost one hour travel time from the office to our house.  The travel time itself was really tiring and all I can think of during the time I was in the taxi cab is  a very big glass of cold water.  When I got home, I went to the bedroom and saw that Caled was taking his afternoon nap in his crib.  I slowly crept towards the crib to look at him and this is what I saw:

It was enough to melt all of my tiredness away and to make me forget about the cold glass of water.  I spent the next few minutes just staring at Caled and wondering about what he might be dreaming of or even if he was dreaming of anything...he looks so contended.  There would be instances when he would smile or his eyes would flutter but after that, he would go back to this particular look. 

Do you remember how it was like when you were a kid, no stress...this Holiday Season, it would be great to have a little bit of that kid inside of us, it will make us enjoy Christmas better.  Merry Christmas everyone :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Following my Passion....

After almost 10 years in the BPO Industry, I have decided to go to a different path...I have decided to follow my passion.  This coming year will be a start of something that I have always wanted to do, I will still work as I would need to have a consistent income but aside from that, I will do something on the side.  This is something very challenging for me, I have butterflies in my stomach just by thinking about it but as I've said....with HIS grace and the support of family and friends...I know I will not fail.  

I will definitely share with you what it will be once we have it accomplished....2011 will be a great year...I can feel it.

Here's a clue....
As always, this is for my Caled :) my dear son, you have made me more brave, you have given me the extra drive to do something on my own...this is for you son...I love you so much.

Monday, December 13, 2010


This is my extended family...I said before how blessed I feel by having great people around me.  I would say now that Caled is doubly blessed by having the same people around him.  I would not have to worry of having help with regard to making sure Caled grows up to be a good person, I don't need to...he is surrounded by good people.

For this alone...I am ever thankful...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enjoying Bedtime

For almost ten years, I have been working in the graveyard shift.  My normal day would start with me waking up at 5PM and being at work at 8PM or 9PM...that was normal for me.  Recently, I was given a different duty - I am now assigned for an account that runs in the morning shift.  Regular time for regular people - the change, surprisingly, is a welcome change.

I am now able to enjoy bedtime with Caled and be able to have him sleep beside me.  I would also be able to read to him regularly - before, there would be times when I need to pass up on reading to Caled as there are times when I'm needed in the office early due to meetings or conference calls. 

I guess after almost ten is about time for me to join the normal world.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Attempt at MovieMaker

I did not only make a collage for Caled, I tried out making a video too...this will be handy during birthday celebrations :)

I'm actually working on some other videos that I can do, yep...when I have spare time.

I love being a mom...